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5 Steps to Peaceful Settlement

There are 5 steps to the Peaceful Path to Settlement

Take the First Step – Get the Separation Agreement Kit

Hello again, it’s Ian here from RP Emery, and today I’m going to outline the 5 steps you need to take, to complete your Property Settlement.

I am going to explain this easy process, so you can see the road ahead and feel confident that it’s right Path for you.

The five steps to Peaceful Settlement are:

No 1.     You have to start somewhere, and purchasing your copy of our separation kit will give you all the tools and guidance you need to get the process underway.

No 2.     Next, login to your exclusive members area, download the separation agreement templates, the users guide, and take advantage of all the other helpful stuff, such as the sample agreements videos and the FAQ section.

Now you and your ex-partner are ready to fill in the blanks and personalise your agreement.

Believe me, there is no need to feel nervous about this. You are no different to the thousands of couples that have already used this service, who now realise it’s far simpler than they had ever expected.

No 3       Submit your draft to our Document Review Service and between us, we will make sure your document contains all the information the lawyers will need to finalise your matter professionally and swiftly.

This step is absolutley necessary if your property settlement is to run smoothly and within budget.

No 4       Get the Legal Advice. This step is required by law because it acts as a safeguard to ensure both parties understand how the agreement affects their rights, and the advantages and disadvantages of entering into the agreement.

Both parties must consult with separate independent lawyers before they sign the agreement.

Our Document Review Service allows you to do this over the phone and via email from the comfort of your home or office and at a time convenient to you.

Without the legal advice the parties won’t be bound and the agreement will have no legal force.

We handpicked the lawyers we work with, because they have years of family law experience. By taking the peaceful you can expect expert advice and a high quality document – just as if you had walked into a lawyers office and asked them to draft your agreement from scratch.

In fact, the only difference is the thousands you will save in legal fees.

No 5       Sign the Agreement – In front of a credible witness, we recommend using a JP, and the process is complete.

Our unique method has been tested and proven by thousands of couples around Australia (and overseas) to be cost effective and legally robust.

So if you’re ready to take the Peaceful Path with us, click on the learn more button below now.

Take the First Step – Get the Separation Agreement Kit