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Gay male cohabitation

Gay couple

Gay male couples who are living together can put a Cohabitation Agreement in place to define how their property will be divided if the relationship breaks down.

This cohabitation agreement kit is suitable for a gay male couple who are living together.

It can be put into place at any time during the cohabitation as a way of defining how the assets and liabilities of the partnership will be divided if the relationship ends.

You can choose to deal with all of your financial interests now or just a single asset like a family farm, a business or an inheritance.

Financial agreements can comfort and reassure people living in a de facto relationship. They are recognised and enforceable under Part VIIIAB of the Family Law Act and can save you time, money and a lot of heartache.

The financial agreement (cohabitation) 90UC kit at just $ includes:

  • The cohabitation agreement, drafted to comply with section 90UC of the Family Law Act;
  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide;
  • Sample de facto financial agreement and sample clauses to assist you in drafting your own professional agreement;
  • access to your own, customised Member’s Area with helpful tools;
  • access to the fixed price Document Review Service (to obtain the legal advice);
  • plus bonus legal will kit.
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