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WA gay male before cohabitation

We don’t always consider what might happen if the relationship fails – after all, who wants to contemplate ending when they are only just beginning.

Before moving in

Cohabitation Agreement for couples BEFORE they move in together.

If you are thinking about moving in with your partner in a de facto relationship, making a financial agreement before you take the leap may be prudent.

A financial agreement made before you move in together is similar to a prenuptial agreement.

It simply sets out how the parties wish to deal with the property they bring into the relationship and other property they may acquire together, in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown.

By protecting certain property from claim early in the relationship, you realise a number of benefits.

  1. You minimise the likelihood of arguments arising over the division of property, which provides certainty, reduces stress and can actually strengthen the relationship;
  2. The longer you are together the harder it is to broach the subject of putting an agreement in place;
  3. These documents keep you out of court.

It is more than enough to deal with the emotional strain of a relationship ending, the last thing anyone needs at such time would be the added financial cost.

It’s a straight forward process

If you are like most of our customers, you’ll probably be surprised just how easy it is to draft your own compliant financial agreement.

The documents come to you in easy-to-use Microsoft Word format, along with a comprehensive user’s guide, sample agreement and sample clauses – and we will be here to help you complete the agreement if you get stuck.

The Financial Agreement kit at only $ includes:-

  • the pre cohabitation agreement template for gay male couples living in Western Australia;
  • easy-to-follow instruction guide;
  • sample pre de facto financial agreement and sample clauses to assist you in drafting your own professional agreement;
  • access to the fixed price legal advice through our unique Document Review Service;
  • access to your own, customised Member’s Area;
  • plus bonus legal will kit.
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