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WA lesbian separation no super splitting

Breaking up is never easy.  When you’ve built a life together over a number of years, sorting out the financial implications of the separation can make matters more complicated.

Financial agreements are a tool you can use to arrange your property settlement between yourselves, privately.

It allows you to set down in writing how you will divide the assets and liabilities accumulated during your relationship, so each party can move on secure in the knowledge that these issues have been dealt with properly and formally.

This agreement is suitable for lesbian couples who are separating and do not wish to include superannuation splitting in the settlement.

Our kits are easy to use and include:-

  • the separation agreement;
  • an easy-to-follow instruction guide;
  • sample agreement and sample clauses to assist you in drafting your own professional agreement;
  • access to your own customised Member’s Area;
  • access to our fixed price Document Review Service;
  • bonus will kit.
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Sample agreement

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