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How to finalise your Binding Financial Agreement for under $2950

This web site will show you how to make a compliant Binding Financial Agreement with Legal advice by two Independent Australian Family Law specialists for less than $2950 in total, for both parties.

If you have just arrived at this page we are going to assume you already know that creating a Financial Agreement allows you to handle property settlement matters in a peaceful way.

A Financial agreement can be made at any phase of a married or de facto relationship – before, during or after.

Apart from saving you $1000s of dollars in legal fees if your relationship ends, a binding financial agreement will also help you to:-

  • Avoid potentially divisive issues that could arise if you ever separate.
  • Specify ground rules for buying and owning property.
  • Coordinate and support your estate plans, to be sure that family property passes as you wish.
  • Avoid costly litigation following a relationship breakdown.

There are three important steps to putting a compliant Binding Financial Agreement in place


Agree between yourselves

Agree on how your assets and liabilities should be divided.


Put it in writing

Use our Financial Agreement template kits to document your arrangement in writing.


Get the legal Advice

Get the compulsory legal advice and certificate from an Australian Family Law Specialist.

Why do you have to get Legal Advice?

Back in 2000, when financial agreements were introduced, the lawmakers were responding to a need to lessen the load on the Family Court System.

They recognised that couples often know what they want to achieve with a binding contract, but there must be a legal safety net to ensure equality in the bargaining power of the partners.

This safety net is the mandatory legal advice.

Essentially both partners are required to have a conversation with a lawyer about their agreement to make sure that they each understand:

  •  The effect that signing the Financial Agreement will have on their rights; and
  •  The advantages and disadvantages of making the agreement.

After the consultation, their lawyer is required to issue them with a Certificate of Legal Advice. The parties can sign the agreement and move on with their lives confident that their financial resources are protected.

The Legal Advice acts as a Safety Net and ensures the strength of your agreement.

We can show you how to complete your binding financial agreement and get the legal advice for just $2937 for both parties in total (in 95% of cases) – without stress, fuss or engaging combative lawyers. 

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