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What does a binding financial agreement cost?

You can save thousands of dollars in legal fees by using our financial agreement kits and taking advantage of our fixed price legal advice service. is owned and operated by the friendly people at RP Emery and Associates.  Providing high quality templates and kits that help you slash your legal costs, is what we do best.

Over the years we’ve gained a reputation for shaking up legal conventions by doing things a little differently. 

We were the first to offer this groundbreaking service back in 2009 and since then we have helped literally thousands of couples successfully navigate their financial agreement.  The end result is a professional document, tailored to your circumstances and certified by a family law specialist, at a fraction of the usual cost.

So what does a binding financial agreement cost?

In most cases, you can put your agreement in place, including the legal advice, which covers both two parties for under $2940 (in most cases).  Ready to Start?  Go to Choose your Agreement.

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There are TWO parts to a Binding Financial Agreement: The Agreement AND the Legal Advice.  In most cases, you can put your agreement in place, including the legal advice, for two parties for under $2940.

Start with the Binding Financial Agreement Kit $

  • professionally drafted financial agreement;
  • sample agreement and sample clauses;
  • access to customised members area;
  • comprehensive user’s guide;
  • bonus will kit;
  • friendly customer support;
  • access to our fixed price Document Review Service.

Add the Legal Review Package including legal advice $ which covers both parties (in most cases).

  • telephone consultation with your lawyer including;
  • explanation of your rights and the law covering financial agreements;
  • review to ensure the agreement meets your intentions;
  • review for compliance with applicable law;
  • certification as required by law.

That means kit $ plus Legal Review Package for 2 $ = $2937 in total.

If your situation includes other complications e.g. complex assets and liabilities, or one partner needs a non-English speaking lawyer please call us on 0266725904 to discuss your needs.

Ready to Start?  Go to Choose your Agreement to select the right Agreement kit for your needs.

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All our financial agreement kits come with a 100% money back guarantee.