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Lets face it, you’re probably here because you dread the thought of going to a lawyer to draft what might be considered a relatively straight forward agreement.

The good news is we’ve heard your story hundreds of times before and if you hang around a little longer we’ll show you how you can literally save thousands of dollars by using our unique financial agreement kits and Document Review Service.

Australian law makers have provided Financial Agreements as a tool for couples who have agreed how they wish to divide their property, whether that is because you are separated or just in case.

Our binding financial agreement kits have been designed to guide you through the process of drafting your own agreement with a minimum of fuss. As long as you have reasonable skills with MS Word or at least know somebody who does, you really will be surprised how easy this is.

I’m going to refer to our Separation agreement in the next few paragraphs but the principle is the same as if we were talking about a prenuptial agreement, defacto agreement or any other financial agreement.

We’ll show you clearly and precisely how to deal with matters such as:-

  • the sale or transfer of the family home, investment property or other substantial assets like interests in a family businesses or trust;
  • spousal maintenance issues;
  • dividing superannuation;
  • who retains certain furniture and household effects;
  • who is responsible for debts and other liabilities;
  • the division of bank accounts, share portfolios etc.;
  • just about anything else you can think of

In fact, we will show you how finalise all matters of a financial nature.

In this process we will give you a thorough framework or template for the agreement. You supply basic information such as who are the parties, addresses of properties, superannuation balances etc, and basic assets and liability information.

All this information is the detail a lawyer would normally request from you and then insert into their own template agreement.

By doing this work yourself you will save many hours of consultation and editing that the lawfirm would otherwise charge you at an hourly rate; in some cases exceeding $450.00 per hour.

When you combine this with our low fixed price to review your agreement the savings really start to add up.

Fixed Priced Document Review Service

Through our Document Review Service we can connect you to lawyers who are familiar with our excellent templates and experts in Family Law Matters.

Because of the predicable nature of this service our lawyers are able to work within a low fixed fee. They have already helped thousands of Australian couple’s who have prepared a document from our kit and the chances are excellent that we will be able to add you to our list of delighted customers.

“It has been an extremely easy process to use your Company. I would like to give a great big thanks to Nicola for all her patience in answering my many questions. The Solicitor’s were also a pleasure to work with. This is a fantastic option for people who don’t wish to go down the long track of solicitor’s and courts. It saved us lots of money in legal bills. Separating is a hard thing for anyone to go through and having an easy solution to property settlement took alot of stress out of a painful process.I will highly recommend your Company to other’s. Once again, A Great Big Thank you to you all”

Wendy Martin

I would like to leave some feedback on your service. The service provided by your company was second to none! The prenuptial contract process was seamless with all the details that I wanted plus more. The service, support, the contract, examples contract and everything that came with it was faultless! I highly recommend your company and will with no hesitation use your service again! Well Done.

Nathan Waterstone Oakleigh Vic