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Save Time

These days everyone is pushed to their limits and the need to Save Time is paramount in business and personal life.

How much time do you think you might spend speaking with lawyers discussing your financial agreement?

The initial appointment to explain what you want, a return appointment to provide the pertinent information and phone calls/emails to fine tune the agreement.

You need to take time off work, cope with traffic hassles and meanwhile the meter is ticking!

There is a better way.

Most people with average computer skills can draft a perfectly compliant and understandable financial agreement if they are given the foundation of a high quality template and a little guidance.

By downloading and using one of our kits you can work through your draft agreement in your own time.

There’s no need to juggle your day to fit in with someone else’s schedule, which means there’s no need to take valuable time off work. No travelling time, no traffic hassles. Simply print out the user’s guide, open the document template and you’re on your way.

Remember the time you spend completing this agreement is the time you are NOT paying a lawyer to draft an agreement – and their hourly rate could be anywhere from $250-$500 per hour!

Of course you will need to speak to a lawyer to in order to get the required legal advice. If you choose to use our Document Review Service your consultation can be handled over the phone and via email.

Its accepted that you may have a legal advisor you’ve worked with and trusted before, so even if you choose not to use our Document Review Service you will still save many hours of your lawyers time because you have provided the bulk of the information they require to finalise your agreement. This means you save time and a great deal of money.