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Getting started is often the hardest step when it comes to organising a property settlement with your ex.

By using our guide, you’ll discover that it’s not as hard as you thought it was going to be, especially if you follow the tips for reducing conflict.

And once you map out the draft Assets and Liabilities schedules,  you’ve done the majority of the work and from there it’s a straightforward task to put your agreement in writing.

The video below shows you how to get your property settlement legally documented for under $2437* (for both parties) by using our Separation Agreement Kits.

Buy Separation Agreement Kit – Instant Download

A Separation Agreement is a type of Financial Agreement that allows you and your partner to legally document how you would like to divide your finances without going to Court.

It covers the division of Assets, Liabilities, Property and Maintenance.

It is suitable for de facto and married couples. If married, the agreement is suitable whether you are newly separated or have been divorced for some time.

Get your Property Done

There are two important parts to finalising your Financial Agreement and Property settlement – Get started by downloading the Separation Agreement Kit

There are two important parts to finalising your Financial Agreement and Property settlement:

  • Completing the Agreement (just $ to get the ball rolling)
  • Getting the Required Legal Advice

We can show you how to complete your agreement and get the legal advice for just $2437* for both parties – without stress, fuss or engaging combative lawyers. To get started you need to order the Separation Kit.

Buy Separation Agreement Kit – Instant Download

We’ve helped thousands of couples to document their settlement. We know our stuff, our systems are finely tuned and our customers love us for it!

“The experience has been an exceptionally positive one. The proactive level of service has been a delightful surprise and very, very welcome. Your staff have been professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Without their help in accommodating my need for a tight turnaround I don’t believe the objective would have been achieved. I cannot express how important this was to me and how grateful I am. The lawyers assigned to both my husband and I were exactly what we each required. I am taking great enjoyment in informing friends’ lawyers, who were forecasting chaos and disaster just how comprehensive and competent the service has been. A massive THANK YOU!!!!!!”

Kathleen Murphy

“The whole Service has been effective, efficient and my lawyer was professional, friendly and informative. I have been very impressed with RP Emery’s Service, in particular the various e-mails providing guidance. The templates are easy to follow and aren’t too confronting for the other party. Now to work on my Will. Thank you”

Mick Horan