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Financial Agreements for Continuing Relationships

This is the starting point for those couples who are:

>> already living together or planning to live together;
>> already married or planning to get married.

Financial agreement kit for couples in a continuing relationship (married or defacto)

Financial Agreement KitThe Kit includes everything you need to draft a binding Financial Agreement plus it gives you access to the FIXED price Legal Advice that you must obtain to finalise your Agreement.

Buy Financial Agreement for Continuing relationship – Instant Download

The Kit includes:

  • Professionally drafted Financial Agreement (you will choose an agreement to suit your circumstances in the members area)
  • A comprehensive users guide, written in plain English so its easy to understand.
  • Access to an Exclusive Members area which takes you through the process step-by-step;
  • Sample agreements, sample clauses
  • Bonus Will Kit - valued at $24.95
  • Our unrivalled customer support ensures your agreement is prepared to the highest possible legal standard
  • Access to the Fixed Price Legal Advice
  • The Kit comes with our 30 day money back guarantee, and If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply phone our office within (30) days and we will rectify the problem, or issue a refund.

Compare the Alternative

If you’ve already done your homework you will know that instructing a lawyer to draft an agreement for you from scratch could cost you literally thousands of dollars.

By the time you add up multiple visits to your lawyers office at over $350.00ph plus the time off work and travelling, it doesn’t take long to see where your money goes.

We understand that most people can’t afford to fork out thousands of dollars to protect themselves from financial ruin.

Buy Financial Agreement for Continuing relationship – Instant Download

An Insurance Policy for living happily ever after

You might be in a marriage or a de facto relationship, but the defining factor is you want to stay together and live happily ever after.

Whatever the case, even with the best intentions sometimes relationships do breakdown and if that should happen to you this document will provide a clear understanding of how property should be divided and quarantine specified assets from claim.

As unromantic as it might sound, the reality is something like 40% of first-time marriages will fail within 10 years, and there is nothing to suggest de facto relationship fare any better. And the statistics don’t improve the chances for 2nd or 3rd relationships.

I’m not trying to sound negative, but from a totally pragmatic viewpoint, if you knew that there was a 40% chance that your house would burn to the ground within 10 years, wouldn’t you want to insure against this possibility? or at least have an exit plan?

Well that’s all a financial agreement is – it’s an insurance policy just in case. We all hope and plan for the best of times but we insure against the worst.

Couples of all ages make financial agreements for all sorts of reasons.

For example, one or both partners:

  • might feel nervous about the possibility of losing the family home;
  • wish to protect a superannuation interest;
  • want to make sure an inheritance only goes to their children;
  • want to quarantine a family business from claim; 
  • wish protect one partner from the debts of the other;
  • Or simply want to declare that each party will keep their financial affairs separate from the other.

The reasons are many and varied, but the one consistent message is to provide peace of mind for those who feel they may be at risk of losing their financial security.

This is what the agreement template will look like (sample excerpt)

This is a sample of the defacto cohabitation agreement. You’ll choose the agreement for your circumstances once you get to the members area.

Sample 2 of a defacto cohabitation agreement

Sample of the Assets and Liabilities Schedule

Buy Financial Agreement for Continuing relationship – Instant Download

Our financial agreement kit for couples who plan to stay together is designed to put your mind at ease.

It’s a tool that deals with the fear that you might lose your financial security and offers you a way to set aside misunderstandings over “who might be entitled to what.”

It’s a way to gain peace of mind by dealing openly with the financial “what if’s” which often removes the source of persistent arguments.

The material in our kit covers all of the issues that may be of concern to any couple who want to define “what should happen if things don’t go to plan”.

Unique Process

We’ve developed our unique process over several years, and our Australian Legal team will ensure you have a compliant financial agreement that provides the sound legal protection you seek.

This includes the mandatory Legal Advice that you MUST receive before signing your financial agreement. Make sure you click on the Legal Advice tab above to get the full story on this before you make your purchase.

Our unique process gives you the tools and the confidence you need to finalise your financial agreement with a minimum of stress.

We will show you what you need to do, and explain why you need to do it, so your agreement will be strong and stand the test of time.

Our role in the Peaceful Path to Settlement doesn’t stop once you download the agreement. We are your safety net and guiding hand.

Let’s take a quick look at the Peaceful Path process.


Download the Agreement Template Kit

The template is the blueprint for how your property settlement is going to look. You need one kit per couple.


Add your information to the template

You and your partner add your personal information to the agreement – what you own, what you owe and how it will be divided.


Submit your draft to us for Assessment

We assess your draft and help you to caress those basic building blocks into a robust agreement that the lawyers will quickly understand and be able to advise you efficiently.

Because we maintain the high quality of the agreements the lawyers receive, they know how much work should be involved and that all adds up to substantial savings to you.


Get the Required Legal Advice

After your draft is approved you'll be able to purchase the Fixed Price Legal Review Service. Then we will allocate an independent Family Law Specialist to you and your partner.

You will speak with your allocated lawyer over the phone or zoom from the comfort of your own home or office.


Sign the Agreement

Sign the Agreement AFTER both parties have received their legal advice and store it away somewhere safe.

We work with you

In a nutshell – we work with you from start to finish. From the moment you download your agreement to the final signature. We know our stuff, our systems are finely tuned and our customers love us for it!

The service provided by your company was second to none!  The prenuptial contract process was seamless with all the details that I wanted plus more. The service, support, the contract, examples contract and everything that came with it was faultless!  I highly recommend your  company and will with no hesitation use your service again!  Well Done.”

Nathan Waterstone
Oakleigh Vic

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A Word of Warning

If you do decide to download a document from the internet, only a document drafted to comply with Australia’s Family Law Act and reviewed by an Australian lawyer will protect you. If you can’t speak in person to the staff of the company making the offer. Proceed with caution.

On the other hand if you want to speak with us, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call 1800 608 088.