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Legal advice and your financial agreement

Before a financial agreement becomes legally binding, both parties are required by law to obtain independent legal advice.  Why is this so?

Make your Financial Agreement legally binding and take a fresh start on life.

Under the Family Law Act your financial agreement does not become binding until:

  • both parties have received independent legal advice before signing the agreement


  • there is a certificate from each lawyer that the advice has been provided.

After which the financial agreement is legally binding and must be adhered to. All that’s left is for you both to execute the agreed terms and start the next chapter in your life.

The Legal Advice acts as a Safety Net and ensures the strength of your agreement.

Our Legal Support Service makes that happen.

Simple, easy and at a competitive fixed price $ which provides legal advice for both parties (unless your situation is particularly complex).

Made sure we understood each clause

“The service provided by RP Emery was amazing, as was the appointment of our two separate Solicitors. Both gave us individual advice to suit our individual needs which led to a finally agreed Financial Agreement being prepared and signed off.

The instructions given by all parties was excellent and they made sure we understood each clause of the agreement we were signing.

The cost savings were substantial and we could not have asked for better. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!”  kymy799 from Tewantin

What a fantastic outcome

“What a fantastic outcome. Organising our Binding Financial Agreement was simple, inexpensive, and built goodwill between my ex-husband and me. Thank you for providing support as we worked through the process. RP Emery will guide you all the way. Lovely team to work with.”  joanned466

How the Legal Support Service Works


Purchase the Legal Support Service

If your Financial Agreement fits the fixed price parameters, we send you a link and you purchase the package.


Get your Draft "Lawyer Ready"

Send your draft agreement to us and we will assess it for suitability for the Fixed Price Legal Review Service. Once


We allocate a Family Law Specialist to you

When your Financial Agreement is ready we allocate each of you a lawyer from our select panel of expert Family Lawyers.


We notify your Lawyer

Your lawyer is also notified and together you book a time to go through the Agreement; to make any minor adjustments, and ensure you understand all the implications of signing the Agreement before you put pen to paper.


After the Advice

Once you have met with your lawyer and received your legal advice they will send you: ~ a finalised version of the Agreement ~ your letter of advice, and ~ the Certificate of Independent Advice.


Sign the Agreement

Both parties sign one agreement in front of a witness. One keeps the original, the other keeps a copy.


And that is it.

Parcel out the assets as agreed, and you are financially free of each other - if you are separating. Or store the document away in a safe place if you are staying together.

Please Note:

The Legal Support Service is only available to people who have bought and completed the Financial Agreement Kit.

Take the first step to a Binding Financial Agreement today with our Financial Agreement Kits

Important facts about your lawyers

  • They understand that both of you have spent a lot of time to arrive at a mutually acceptable Agreement. Their role is to advise you if signing this agreement is to your advantage or to your disadvantage. Is it a good outcome for you?
  • They are not paid to negotiate on your behalf, rather it is to guide you to an informed decision; ensuring your consent to this Agreement is “fully informed”.

my lawyer was absolutely amazing

“I am utterly impressed with how your team made this process completely painless and straightforward. My lawyer was also absolutely amazing. She was thorough, professional, and caring about the whole situation. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by the RP Emery & Associates team.”  Dion!420 Young.

the legal advice was first class

“Was great to find a product that allowed us to mutually agree a financial agreement without all the dramas that we had until we came across RP Emery. They were fantastic in supporting us with answers to our questions and the legal advice we received from the appointed lawyers was first class without the perceived pressures that I was expecting.” davidc982

Why choose the Legal Support Service?

A fixed price

Which frees you of any worries about the ticking legal $$ clock.

“A fraction of the cost”

Go direct to lawyers and you can easily spend $8-10,000 to get a binding financial agreement. Our combined service is less than half that price – for the same outcome.

Saves you time

No need to travel – you can sort this out from the convenience of your home.

Expert lawyers

Your lawyer is chosen from a carefully selected nationwide panel of expert family lawyers, known for their empathy and communication skills.

As you want

You can consult with your lawyer however you wish – phone, Zoom, Skype, Teams.

It’s fast and seamless

Because we worked with you the get the Financial Agreement certify-ready, the Legal Support Service is a quick, seamless and no-fuss process. The hardest part is booking your meeting.

Saved me many thousands of $$$*

“What an incredible service, it took the pain out of a very volatile situation and saved me many thousands of $$$. I’m so appreciative of this brilliant service. Thank you so much.”  Tess.

A swift professional service

“I just wanted to compliment you on your service and say that you delivered a swift and professional service and provided a solution within a very short time period. You managed the process, and both solicitors were also professional and prompt. Thanks again, I have no hesitation in using your services again.”  Fiona

Contacted us very quickly

“What a great service. Both our solicitors where excellent, professional, and contacted us really quickly. The whole process is value for money, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Please pass on our best wishes to the solicitors that reviewed our documents.”  Steve M

His phone manner provided great comfort

“My experience was excellent. I had an urgent requirement, and you were able to assist in a very short time frame. Your initial contact staff were extremely competent, and my solicitor Steve H was fantastic. His phone manner provided great comfort in a very stressful situation. I have made many recommendations to others of your service from my experience.”  Kym K

Complete satisfaction

“The RP Emery Legal Support Service made it easy to gain access to the independent advice required for the BFA process. Not only were our requirements fully met with complete satisfaction, but also saved money by comparison to what other Legal Firms had quoted. Extremely happy with the process – excellent service provided”.  Joe & Jen Melbourne

Take the first step to a Binding Financial Agreement today with our Financial Agreement Kits

And if you have any questions, just call our office on 1800 608 088 and we will be happy to help.