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Working it out

Financial agreements were created by the lawmakers to lessen the burden on the family court, and to allow couples to decide for themselves, how they wish to divide their property, that is their assets and liabilities, if the relationship breaks down.

A financial agreement can be made at any stage of a married or defacto relationship. It will keep you in control and out of court.

You create a legally binding financial agreement in 5 simple steps.

Two Parts

1. Complete the agreement using our easy to use templates – $
2. Get the legal advice – using our fixed price Legal Review Service $

To Get Started – Just answer one simple question… Are you staying together or separating?

We’re Staying Together

We’re Separating or Separated

Five Steps

1. Choose your agreement
2. Complete the draft agreement
3. Send agreement to us for assessment
4. Get the required legal advice
5. Sign your agreement

Fixed Price

We can show you how to complete your agreement and get the required legal advice for just $2537 which covers both parties (in most cases).

No stress
No fuss
No combative lawyers


The Five Steps

1. Choose Your Agreement

The agreement is the blueprint for documenting your arrangement.

To start with you just need to choose between two options –

  1. We want to stay together OR
  2. We’re going our separate ways

2. Completing the Agreement

You add your personal information to the  template agreement. These are the things you already know about your life – what you own, what you owe and how it will be divided.

Completing the agreement is straightforward process because you will use the resources included in the kit. Resources like:

  • a dedicated Members Area;
  • sample agreements;
  • sample clauses;
  • the essential user’s guide;
  • access to our friendly customer support.

3. Send your Agreement to us for Assessment

We help you to caress your draft into a robust agreement, so that the lawyers will quickly understand your situation and be able to advise you efficiently.

This is a unique part of the process that opens the door to the Fixed Price Legal Advice. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Without this assessment the lawyers wouldn’t be confident of receiving high quality documents and could not possibly stick to a fixed fee service.

4. Get the Fixed Price Legal Advice

You’ll purchase the Legal Advice for just $ for both parties (unless your situation is very complex).

You and your partner will each speak with a separate and independent lawyer (all done via phone and email) and once that’s done, you can finalise your agreement.

5. Sign your Agreement

And lastly, in step 5 you sign your Agreement and store it safely away

In a nutshell – we work with you from start to finish. From the moment you download your agreement to the final signature. We know our stuff, our systems are finely tuned and our customers love us for it!

That’s it – 5 simple steps and you’re done.