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Gay male separation no super

Property division

A financial agreement allows you to settle property matters between yourselves, without the need to enter the court system.

Ok, so it looks like you are searching for a separation agreement to suit a gay male couple.  This kit is suitable for a gay male couple who are separating and will not be splitting superannuation assets.

Navigating your way through the emotional and financial fallout that comes following the end of a long term relationship, is never easy.

When  a couple have made the decision to go their own separate ways, there is no legal requirement to document the end of the relationship.  It is possible to simply pack up your separate property, and walk out the door.  However, an arrangement like this will not stop either party from lodging a claim with the Family Court at any time within the next two years.  Even after the two year period, a claim may be admitted if one can show good cause.

Using a binding financial agreement to document the end of the relationship will give each party the peace of mind they seek to get on with rebuilding their lives.

If you have an idea of how you want to divide your property, this kit will show you how to document your agreement in straightforward terms.

It includes a sample document and template agreements that deal with the typical issues that confront a gay male couple when separating from a de facto relationship.

Issues such as:-

  • how to deal with real estate that may be transferred to one partner;
  • what to do if real estate needs to be sold and the proceeds divided;
  • how to clarify the ownership of businesses, personal assets or real estate;
  • whether you want to make arrangement for spousal maintenance or rule it out;
  • any other matters of concern.
This easy to use gay male separation agreement kit at just $ includes:
  • the separation agreement applies whether;
    • the family home will be sold and the proceeds divided; or
    • one partner will transfer his share in the family home to the other;
  • an easy-to-follow instruction guide;
  • sample agreement and sample clauses to assist you in drafting a high quality agreement;
  • access to your own, customised member’s area;
  • access to our fixed price Document Review Service;
  • plus bonus legal will kit.
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