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Lesbian separation agreement no super split

Separating from a long term partner is rarely easy.

For de facto and LGBT couples, amendments to the Family Law Act since 2009 may impact the way you deal with the financial ramifications of separating.

If you have been together a long time, you may have accumulated financial resources together.  These days under the law, those resources and your relationship will be treated in exactly the same manner as any other married couple.

Lesbian Separation Agreement

A Separation Agreement for Lesbian couples allows you to document how you will divide assets and liabilities.

This means that if you do not settle property matters upon separation, then you leave the door open for either partner to make a claim on the other at a future time.

But you can stop this from happening by implementing a financial or separation agreement.

This document allows you to settle once and for all, any or all financial matters between you. You can stipulate how you will divide any assets and liabilities – essentially drawing a line in the sand.

This lesbian separation agreement is suitable for a lesbian couple who are separating and do not need to split superannuation.

This easy to use Separation Kit for Lesbian Couples is only $ and includes:

  • two versions of the lesbian separation agreement for use where:
    • the family home will be sold and the proceeds divided; and
    • one partner transfers their share in the family home to the other.
  • an easy-to-follow instruction manual;
  • sample agreement, and sample clauses to assist you in drafting your own professional agreement;
  • access to your own, customised member’s area with helpful tools;
  • access to our fixed price Document Review Service;
  • plus bonus legal will kit.
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Lesbian separation agreement sample

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