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Divorce and Property Settlement Agreement Australia

How to take care of your property settlement after a divorce for under $1950 in total for both parties.

When getting a divorce there are two processes to consider – one is simply dissolving the marriage itself and the other is dividing the property, spousal maintenance and child support issues.

Divorced couples who wish to finalise all matters of a financial nature in dispute between them, including spousal maintenance, require some form of legal documentation.

As long as the couple are communicative and willing to resolve their issues they can be addressed in one of two ways. The couple can make an agreement with ‘consent orders’ being made by a family law court or they can enter into a financial agreement under Section 90D of the Family Law Act.

A Binding Financial Agreement, is a simple and convenient way to formalise the the property settlement after the end of a marriage.

It allows you to document what you think would be a fair and reasonable property settlement instead of leaving that decision up to the courts.

Some of these issues may seem a little daunting at first, but given the right template to start, some sample clauses and a little guidance, you will be surprised how straight forward it actually is.

Common property settlement issues include:

  • whether one party will pay financial support (spousal maintenance) to the other, which would be in addition to child support;
  • how to deal with savings, share portfolios, and other investments;
  • how to deal with future windfalls or an inheritance;
  • how to determine who retains ownership of furniture and household goods if agreement cannot be reached;
  • clarifying who is responsible for certain debts or liabilities;
  • clarifying ownership or control of family businesses, companies and trust accounts.

This Video explains how a Financial Agreement can help you

Unique Step by Step Process

We’ve developed our unique process over several years, and our Australian Legal team will ensure you have a compliant financial separation agreement that provides the sound legal protection you seek.

This includes the mandatory Legal Advice that you MUST receive before signing your financial agreement. This legal advice is your safety net to ensure you fully understand the effect of the agreement.

Our unique process gives you the tools and the confidence you need to finalise your property settlement with a minimum of stress.

We will show you what you need to do, and explain why you need to do it, so your agreement will be strong and stand the test of time.

Our role in the Peaceful Path to Settlement doesn’t stop once you download the agreement. We guide you every step of the way.

"Thank you for your help. Your process was very good and easy to follow. My allocated lawyer acted promptly and was very helpful in explaining everything to me. Well done.
- Helen B.

Took the Pain out of a Volatile Situation

"What an incredible service, it took the pain out of a very volatile situation and saved me thousands of $$. I'm so appreciative of this Brilliant service. Thank you so much."
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Incredible Service

"You have a simple and easy to understand system. We had our paperwork completed within two weeks of purchase. Your people are courteous and very helpful. Thank you."
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Simple and Easy to Understand System

Financial agreement kit for couples who are divorced

Separation Agreement Kit

The Kit includes everything you need to draft a binding Divorce Agreement PLUS it gives you access to the Fixed price Legal Advice that you must obtain to finalise your Agreement.

Buy Divorce Agreement Kit

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Buy Divorce Agreement including Super Split Kit (for couples who are splitting superannuation)

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The Divorce Property Settlement Kit includes:

  • the Divorce Agreement template - written in plain English;
  • a Comprehensive User's Guide which answers most property settlement questions;
  • access to the Exclusive Members area which takes you through the process step-by-step;
  • Sample agreement - so you know what the completed agreement should look like;
  • Sample clauses - help you to tailor the document to your own situation - just cut and paste!;
  • a Bonus Will kit because you often need to update your Will after separation and divorce (worth $24.95)
  • a Bonus Will kit because you often need to update your Will after separation (worth $24.95)
  • Access to fixed price Legal Advice so you can get your agreement certified without spending a fortune.
  • The Kit comes with our 30 day money back guarantee, and If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply phone our office within (30) days and we will rectify the problem, or issue a refund.

Compare the Alternative

If you’ve already done your homework you will know that instructing a lawyer to draft an agreement for you from scratch could cost you literally thousands of dollars.

By the time you add up multiple visits to your lawyers office at over $350.00 per hour plus the time off work and travelling, it doesn’t take long to see where your money goes.

We understand that most people can’t afford to fork out thousands of dollars to finalise a property settlement. Every dollar you save in legal fees is a dollar you keep.

Divorce Agreement Template Sample Excerpt

Divorce Agreement Template Sample

Sample Excerpt from the divorce agreement template

sample divorce agreement 2

Excerpt from the divorce agreement template

Schedule Assets

Sample Excerpt of Assets and Liabilities – this is where you list those items. The template includes three schedules to cover the individual and joint property of the parties.

Australian Law

Our Financial Agreements are drafted to comply with Australian Law

Professionally Drafted

The agreements are professionally drafted by Australian Family Law Experts

Instant Download

No Need to Wait. Download the Agreements Instantly

Easy to use

Plain English - No Legalese. Your Financial agreement is easy to use, edit and understand

Reaching an amicable property settlement agreement quickly about debts, assets and property offers the divorcing couple many advantages;

  • you get to make your own choices;
  • you significantly reduce the financial and emotional costs of taking the matter to court;
  • you can ensure more open communication with your former partner increasing the likelihood of improved conflict resolution in the future;
  • your ongoing relationship as parents, if you have children, is likely be more harmonious; and
  • you are able to move forward and make a new life for you more quickly without the strain of ongoing tension and disputes.

Buy Divorce Agreement Kit

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Buy Divorce Agreement including Super Split Kit (for couples who are splitting superannuation)

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