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Separated but not divorced?

Ok, so far we know that you are still married and separated from your spouse, but you are not yet divorced.  If this is the case, read on.

Separated but not divorced?

separated but not divorced

Agreements for Separated couples whether or not you are still living under the one roof.

You may be living separately or you might still be living in the same house (known as being separated under the one roof).  Either way, the document you need is a separation financial agreement made under section 90C of the Family Law Act.

Matters relating to children are best resolved by mutual agreement in separate documents from the financial agreement, such as a Parenting Plan or Child Support Agreement, depending on your needs.  We explain why in these FAQ’s.

From the perspective of dividing your assets and liabilities, there is usually a house (or several properties) involved.  Properties may be sold and the proceeds divided, or as is often the case, one partner remains in the property and some money changes hands.

Other common issues include

  • whether one party will pay financial support (spousal maintenance) to the other, which would be in addition to child support;
  • how to deal with savings, share portfolios, and other investments;
  • how to deal with future windfalls or an inheritance;
  • how to determine who retains ownership of furniture and household goods if agreement cannot be reached;
  • clarifying who is responsible for certain debts or liabilities;
  • clarifying ownership or control of family businesses, companies and trust accounts.

When it comes to superannuation, you need to decide if each party will keep their own superannuation entitlements as they are, or if one or both super funds will be split.

Will you be splitting super?

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