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Why Choosing the Wrong Separation Approach can cost Thousands

Why Choosing the Wrong Separation Approach can cost Thousands

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Today I’d like to talk about the 3 reasons why many couples choose to take the peaceful path to separation.

By watching this, you should gain a greater understanding about the choices available to you in relation to property settlement.

As you may have read in the ebook, there are 4 different ways to settle property matters after the breakdown of a relationship – 1 that is informal and 3 that are legally binding.

If you and your partner have agreed on how you will divide your property and debts, you can essentially shake on it and go your own separate ways. This is known as an informal agreement.

If you choose to use an informal arrangement neither party is legally bound to honour the agreement, and the door is left open to a legal challenge down the track.

If someone changes their mind and decides they need another bite of the cherry, just when your rich Uncle Tommy dies, your informal agreement will mean nothing in the family court or to the magistrate.

Two of the options that are legally binding involve engaging lawyers who will negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

At times, I’ve likened this approach to employing a gladiator. Someone you can send into battle, to slay your oponent, when you just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

But remember, every time your lawyer swings the sword on your behalf, you get a bill.

These options are very expensive and cause great stress and uncertainty for both parties.

The last legally binding option keeps you in control of the process without the need to involve the courts.

It’s a great fit for couples who want to keep their property settlement civil. It’s for those people who have a good idea about how they want to split their finances, and they just want to get the paperwork done without spending a fortune.

The peaceful path option does exactly that. It gives you a way to document an arrangement that you both agree is fair and reasonable

Informed couples are choosing the Peaceful Path because it gives them control over the process, reduces stress enormously and saves a bundle in legal fees.

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